Your Go-To for Finding Addresses from Postcodes

Finding Addresses from Postcodes.

Looking to effortlessly find addresses from postcodes? Discover the power of EasyPostcodes! Our cutting-edge service is designed to transform the way you engage with visitors to your website or app. EasyPostcodes ensures that every postcode conversion into a full address is not only swift but is with pinpoint accurate.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? With EasyPostcodes, you're not just finding addresses from postcodes; you're unlocking a gateway to enhanced operational efficiency and skyrocketing customer satisfaction.

Explore the world of EasyPostcodes and see how our accuracy in translating postcodes to a detailed address can transform your business. Keep reading to explore the myriad of benefits and innovative features that EasyPostcodes has in store for you!

Why Choose EasyPostcodes for Address Lookup?

EasyPostcodes revolutionises the process of finding addresses from postcodes through its cutting-edge Postcode Address Lookup API. This tool is designed for simplicity and efficiency, integrating seamlessly into your existing systems to provide instant access to a comprehensive and regularly updated address database. Experience the end of incorrect or incomplete address data frustrations; with EasyPostcodes, precision is just a click away.

Same Cost. Same Result. But Without the Hassle

Why settle for complex and cumbersome solutions when you can achieve the same outstanding results with none of the hassle? EasyPostcodes redefines the process of finding an address from a postcode, giving you a simple, cost-effective solution without compromising quality or performance.

Plug and Play: Simplifying Postcode Lookup

Our service is the epitome of "Plug and Play." With EasyPostcodes, integrating postcode lookup into your system is a breeze. Forget about lengthy setup times or complicated configurations. Our API is designed for immediate integration, enabling you to start finding addresses from postcodes with minimal effort, seamlessly blending into your existing operations.

Flexible Subscription & API: Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer flexible subscription models with our API. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs. This means that EasyPostcode is available to anyone no matter how big or small. Our goal is to provide you with a personalised experience that offers excellence and value.

Leveraging the Royal Mail Database: Accuracy You Can Trust

At the heart of our service is the Royal Mail Database, renowned for its precision and reliability. By leveraging this authoritative source, we ensure that the address data you receive is not just accurate but also the most current. You can trust EasyPostcodes to provide you with the most precise address information available.

Consistently Updated: Fresh Data, Every Month

In a world where data can become outdated quickly, we stay ahead of the curve. Our database is updated monthly. This guarantees that the information you have access to is always up to date. This commitment to providing fresh, accurate data means you can rely on EasyPostcodes for all your postcode lookup needs, ensuring your operations are based on the latest information.

Want to try out EasyPostcodes? Get a free trial API key now.

Integrating EasyPostcodes

Integrating EasyPostcodes' Postcode Address Lookup API into your system is straightforward, designed for maximum convenience and efficiency:

  • 1. Registration
  • Sign up to receive your unique API key from our website.
  • 2. Integration
  • Follow the developer documentation provided by EasyPostcodes to integrate the API with your system. Compatibility with various programming environments ensures a hassle-free setup.
  • 3. Usage
  • Post-integration, you can begin finding addresses from postcodes with simple API requests. The system promptly returns accurate and comprehensive address details in an easily implementable format.


At EasyPostcodes, we pride ourselves in our testimonials. We thrive to ensure the highest customer service through the services that we provide.

The address lookups are so quick!
I love it the way it sorts and orders the addresses in a logical sequence.
So easy to integrate!

Why EasyPostcodes Stands Out

Choosing EasyPostcodes for finding addresses from postcodes offers numerous advantages, including operational efficiency, accuracy by leveraging the Royal Mail Database, ease of integration, cost-effectiveness with competitive pricing, reliable performance hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, and exceptional customer support.

Getting Started with EasyPostcodes

To start utilising EasyPostcodes' robust Postcode Address Lookup API, sign up to obtain your API key. This key provides access to our extensive address database, enabling efficient and accurate address lookups when finding addresses from postcodes.


EasyPostcodes presents flexible pricing options suited to your usage needs. From per-request pricing to user-based licenses, we ensure cost-effectiveness for varied usage levels. For bespoke needs, tailored solutions are available.

Per Request

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£0.02 per request
(flat-rate, no matter how many you use)
Purchases are valid for 12 months only.

Per User

Pricing icon image.
Call for the price
(Unlimited requests, subject to fair-usage policy)
Licenses are valid for 12 months.

Ready to revolutionize your address lookup process? Join EasyPostcodes today! Sign up for a free trial, explore our features, and experience first-hand the ease and accuracy of our Postcode Address Lookup API. Don't let inefficient address searches hinder your operations. Embrace EasyPostcodes and unlock a new realm of possibilities in finding addresses from postcodes!


How accurate is the address data?

Our data is sourced from the Royal Mail Database, ensuring that when you find addresses from postcodes, the information is precise and reliable.

Is EasyPostcodes difficult to integrate?

Absolutely not! We've designed our API with user-friendliness in mind. Our comprehensive developer documentation guides you through every step, making integration a breeze.

Can I test the API before purchasing credits?

Yes, we offer a free trial API key so you can experience the benefits firsthand and see how easy it is to find addresses from postcodes using our service.

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