Terms of Use

Anybody creating an account with EasyPostcodes (https://easypostcodes.com) agrees to abide by the 'Terms of Use' stated on this page, as well as other terms of use that are added from time to time.

Types of Accounts.

When you initially create your new account, you will get a 'Trial' account which will be topped-up with 100 credits (lookups). If you find that you need more trial credits to finish developing your solution, then call us. If you would like to opt for a 'User-based' account, then call us to discuss.


Initially, you get 100 credits (lookups) with each new account. One lookup equates to oner credit. A lookup consists of a request for addresses against a valid UK postcode. If we have found the postcode and are returning the list of addresses, then you have used-up a credit. If you are on a user-based account type, then there is no credits, but a fair-usage policy applies to prevent abuse.

If you are on a credits type account, then you can top-up your credits bank at any time by using a credit or debit card via the secure portal (just login). If you want to use other modes of payment then call us, but depending on the amount of credits, an administration fee may apply.

You have the option of defining an alert email for when your credits are running low. We will endeavour (happens automatically) to email you when your credits are running low, but we take no responsibility if the email does not arrive. It is your responsibility to monitor your credits. Our system will send up to 3 emails to alert you of low credits.

If you run out of credits, the service will stop until you top your credits up again.

Please Note! Credits purchased are valid for 12 months. After 12 months they expire.

Fair Usage Policy.

If you are on a user-based account type, then there will be a 'throttling' applied at a maximum of 1 lookup per 5 seconds. This is to prevent service abuse where you buy one user license and then have multiple users using it. If you are found to be practising such an approach, legal proceedings may ensue to recover damages. Please don't do it!

Address Data.

Our Postcode Address File (PAF) is supplied by RoyalMail. We aim to have it updated monthly. We are also supplying geolocation data, but the geolocation data is not 100% complete. For newer postcodes we may not have the Easting / Northing and / or Latitude / Longitude. Do not rely on it 100%, since we may not have it for all postcodes.

None of the data is our own data, and therefore we do not take any responsibility at all whatsoever for its accuracy or completeness. The geolocation data is captured from open-source websites such as https://www.getthedata.com/

Service Resilience.

We host our service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and hence the resilience is expected to be very good. However, as it always is with computers, they fail from time to time. We are always on hand to put it right, but we expect an uptime of approximately 99.95% of the time.

RoyalMail Terms of Use.

Upon registration you will be supplied with the RoyalMail terms of use which you will have to agree to before you can use the service.

User Support.

Our highly skilled team of professionals is always available to support our customers. You can call us within office hours or you can email us any time. We will endeavour to answer any queries within 24 working hours.

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